Graduate Teaching Experience

Graduate TA, Cornell University, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, 2018

I have worked as a teaching assitant for serveral graduate and undergraduate level courses in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell and developed leadership, mentoring, public speaking, and communication skills through my teaching experience.

Guest Speaker

  • Served as guest speaker to graduate level course, Research and Methods (AEM 6991).
  • Taught how to visualize data and how data visualization helps researchers understand the relationship between variables of interests.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Assisted in teaching graduate- and undergraduate-level courses in applied economics and management, ranging in size from 40 to 280 students. Course topics including International Trade and Finance (AEM 2300), Strategy (AEM 2601), Digital Business Strategy (AEM 3220), and Research and Methods (AEM 6991).
  • Instructed students on how to apply economic and econometric models to solve problems in the discussion sections.
  • Led group meetings with project teams, drafted and graded homework and exam papers, and promoted active learning by creating safe spaces for students from diverse academic backgrounds to engage.

Teaching Skills

  • Proficient in online teaching platforms including Canvas, Blackboard, Gradescope, Zoom, and Slack.
  • Experienced in
    • drafting assignment and exam questions.
    • leading group meeting with student project teams, offering help on finding resources, and motivating students to brainstorm for creative ideas.
    • counselling students who need help in adpting to a new environment, working in teams, and dealing with peer pressure.
    • creating a safe and interactive space for students to actively participate in class.